Research - Activities

The IMM monitors the stone industry on a national, international and local level and disseminates expert, updated information on economic issues, employment and production.

We collect, process and produce statistics, analyses and studies for operators in the industry, local and foreign institutions, scholars and the general public.

The products of our research work can be classified into two types:


Databases that contain statistical data systematically and continuously collected from all over the world, in order to build an up-to-date picture and a historical report of the overall trends in the stone industry. The data is preferably from official sources, but sometimes we ourselves produce information by directly interviewing the industry players. We welcome their opinions and their data, without the intermediation of others, always with a view to building a sound information base that is as reliable as possible. We process the data collected to make it easy to use by non-specialist users. This requires accurate filtering and conversion work that does not, however, affect the meaning of the numbers, but simply makes them more transparent.

• Analysis and Opinions

In addition to our collection work and database management, we carry out the analysis of surveys. These may be periodic surveys or monographs on various issues concerning the industry. We carry out systematic and one-time analysis for our company as well as for third parties, especially public bodies, focusing on the various aspects of the international stone industry. In particular, over the past few years, we have devoted specific attention to the issues of work, the markets and employment, especially in the areas of our direct geographical authority and with a special interest in training and professional requirements.