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Specialised Services - Activities

We offer specialised services to companies and professionals. Our aim is to support the growth of competitiveness in the stone industry and to promote the continuous update on legislation issues and new technologies and the use of materials.
We work in different areas, offering operators the possibility to share and consult our up-to-date library that contains a wide range of technical industry publications. Visitors can broaden their knowledge of new materials through a tour of the Marble Library that exhibits more than four hundred samples of stone, granite and marble.

The IMM has been working in the stone industry for many years, taking a prominent position and working closely with companies, providing concrete and timely responses to specific operational problems.

We can therefore share our experience, guaranteeing an excellent consultancy service and support to professionals and companies on a wide range of issues. These include the correct selection of materials, their characterisation, laying systems, the use of technologies for processing, the management of the production cycle and assistance for the correct application of the CE mark on stone products. 

One of the strengths of our service is the availability of an international database that covers all sectors of the industry and is constantly updated.

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The IMM supports stone companies, providing a qualified technical service to give concrete and timely solutions to specific operational problems. In concrete terms, this means consultancy [..]
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