We offer an information service on the stone industry through which companies and professionals can keep constantly up to date on the themes of new technologies and the use of materials.

Users may access our technical Library with its wide range of industry publications (monographs, serials and dissertations) that is constantly updated. The library is open to anyone who is interested in natural stone. Consultation of the publications may be requested simply by contacting the IMM.

In addition, users can not only see traditional materials but also expand their knowledge of new materials through a visit to the Marble Library that is composed of over four hundred samples (60 x 60 cm) of stone materials (stone, travertine, granites and marble) from all over the world. Technical data and commercial characteristics are given for all the samples, ranging from the most recent to the oldest materials on the markets.

We also offer guidance on the main compulsory and voluntary standards concerning stone products and company organisation.

Finally, the test laboratory for stone materials, which is to be set up in the near future, will further the knowledge of the tests needed to characterise stone materials for the different international markets.