Training And Seminars

The IMM has been operating in the field of training for many years and is confident that this is an effective way of improving the competitiveness of the stone industry.

We operate through specially designed training programmes for the different professionals in the stone industry (company owners, managers, technicians and workers involved in the production cycle).

This area of the company has been built up over time and goes hand in hand with the progress of specific tools that the company has developed to better respond to the needs of the industry.

We organise courses and seminars on:
  • Business management for stone companies
  • Commercial characteristics of the markets
  • Corporate and product certification for stone companies
  • Technological innovation and production systems for the quarrying and processing of stone materials
  • Marketing for stone companies
We also offer training courses:
  • For quarry, sawmill and processing facilities workers
  • For commercial staff

Moreover, we offer training for architects who wish to further their knowledge on:

  • Exterior cladding and fixing systems
  • Floorings and interior decoration
  • Street furniture
  • Characteristics of stone materials
  • Product and process innovation
  • Design
  • Restoration and maintenance techniques

We organise training workshops and technical visits to see production in the Apuo-Versilian district and other Italian stone districts (quarries and processing plants).

Some of the seminars we organise can be seen in streaming:
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