The field of natural stone has been left behind or has perhaps remained indifferent to the strong media campaign that tends to favour and recommend the use of green products in every industry, not least the building industry. Natural products by definition, and hence stone materials too, risk appearing less ecological than synthesis materials due to a lack of or inadequate emphasis of their use from a sustainable perspective.

The objective of the meeting is to present the tools of environmental communication in the construction industry, compare methods and results regarding the application of the LCA method, discuss examples of applications and lay the groundwork for a specific study on natural stone.


Sustainability in the construction industry: context and scope of the LCA (Life Cycle Assessment) method.  Ecological labelling types I, II and III; the International EPD ® System, Application examples related to quarrying, building materials and natural stone.


Prof. Gian Andrea Blengini - Centre for the Development of sustainable products (CE.Si.SP) – Turin Polytechnic

Prof. Adriana Del Borghi - Centre for the Development of sustainable products (CE.Si.SP ) – Polytechnic School of Genoa.