Promotion - Activities

We are convinced that the promotion of natural stone means making its characteristics known and encouraging the best applications that enhance the value and original features of the materials. Natural stone bears witness to a long architectural and artistic history as well as the culture of the men who work in its production. The IMM’s mission is to give continuity to this history and enhance this culture.

Our promotions programme is aimed in particular at architects. Our objective is to inform them as to the most prestigious and innovative applications of stone materials. To this end, we organise events and campaigns and edit technical publications.

The IMM organises, among other things:

The Marble Architectural Awards

An international architecture award held every year since 1985 that celebrates the best applications in natural stone.

Photo exhibitions

Photo exhibitions held in Italy and abroad to promote quality products and great names related to the universe of stone.

Exhibitions of products

Exhibitions of products by famous designers and sculptors as well as the most innovative technology for stone processing and installation.

Advertising campaigns

Campaigns in various media to highlight the different meanings of stone and evoke imagery and symbolism.

Conferences and meetings

Conferences and meetings held at the company’s head offices and around the world to ensure that the players in the production and design of natural stone meet and make their achievements known to the general public. 

publishing for architects and industry players

Publications providing technical information with high quality images, the result of relations with specialists working in the area of Carrara.