The IMM works alongside stone companies to encourage them and support them in the innovation processes of materials, technologies and organisational structure.

The transfer of technology from research centres to companies is the main avenue for the definition of innovative solutions and the creation of new skills in the field. Hence, we endeavour to arrange meetings and set up communication channels between operators and researchers to promote the exchange of experience and knowledge.

The initiatives in the area of technology transfer promoted by the IMM are many:

  • Tra.S.L.A.: This is the evaluation Network for technology transfer in the Apuan stone industry that brings together researchers from universities, research institutes and laboratories and companies and professionals from the Apuo-Versilian district. Tra.S.L.A. offers its members a virtual platform for the meeting of supply and demand of technological and product innovations. In addition, it provides updates on the state of the art of research in the context of issues related to the field of natural stone.
  • R4ST – Research for Stone and Technology: Research for Stone and Technology. This is a series of events that our company arranges for representatives from the world of research to meet stone industry representatives. The goal is to foster dialogue and the exchange of experience to encourage an inclination towards innovation.
R4ST è l’acronimo di Research for Stone and Technology: si tratta di una delle attività di IMM a favore dell’innovazione e del trasferimento tecnologico. La [..]
Crediamo che lo scambio di informazioni e l’incontro tra richiesta ed offerta di tecnologie sia vitale per il miglioramento della competitività del settore lapideo; perciò [..]