Yunfu Mission for Council administration and IMM: CarraraCarraraMarmotec 2015 presented at Guangdong Province

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thu 30 OCTOBER 2014
Important meeting with Chinese institutions, authorities and entrepreneurs. To strengthen the partnership, work continues for participation in the event to be held from 18 to 21 June.
Carrara, 28 October 2014
“China is experiencing a period of strong economic expansion and represents a huge market for Italian companies in all sectors. Marble and marble technology are highly regarded by Chinese operators and institutions, as we have seen repeatedly during our visit and during the official meetings. Operators consider Carrara, with its trade fair for marble and machinery, as a privileged partner for what it represents in the history and culture of the industry at an international level, a partner with whom to strengthen technical, commercial and cultural relations with all means possible. Back to Carrara with important ideas and proposals to look at in more detail on the run-up to Carrara 2015, the trade fair-event that we are organising, that may help increase the cooperation to make discussions more concrete and define modern processes consistent with the characteristics ".Fabio Felici, Chairman of IMM-CarraraFiere, returning from a mission with the Deputy Mayor of Carrara, Andrea Vannucci, to Yunfu, where there was a specialised stone and technology workshop with the participation of several Italian companies, welcomes the results of the mission and gives a positive summary.“We exchanged views with an area very different from Tuscany, considering that the marble trade fair features over a thousand exhibitors and is held in the town of Yunfu that has repeated its interest in continuing relations, relations that began during Marmotec 2014 with the creation of a group of 12 Chinese companies that set up a large area where they presented the excellence of Chinese products in the field of marble and technology. We visited companies, met local authorities, continued discussions – concluded the Chairman Felici -to promote an official Chinese presence at Carrara Marmotec Expo 2015 which we are working very hard on and achieving important participations".IMM Carrara, in addition to participating with their own space to promote Carrara Marmotec 2015 Expo to be held from 18 to 21 June, organised a seminar on CE marking and technical meetings in Yunfu. The objective was to demonstrate the optimal uses of marble made with the use of the most advanced technologies, which in the Tuscan district have a particularly important production and research pole."Our presence at this fair -said the Deputy Mayor of Carrara, Andrea Vannucci – is the natural continuation of institutional relations undertaken between our two towns that culminated last year in the letter of intent signed by the Mayor of Carrara, Angelo Zubbani, and the mayor of Yunfu, Zhiqiang Zhuo. A participation that served to strengthen the bond with an area that is the most important stone Chinese district.All the meetings with institutional representatives, starting from the Mayor, were held in a very friendly atmosphere and are intended to be the foundations for a growing partnership between economic operators. In this sense, concluded Vannucci - the hope is that the next appointment may represent a milestone of a fruitful exchange in economic, commercial and cultural terms."