mon 8 AUGUST 2016
Carrara Fiere wants to give some support to artists, teachers and workshops from the Apuo-Versilian District: It has initiated a cooperation with, the international magazine for art, architecture and design with stone, to publish information about art events in this area. 

Such events maybe: 
* exhibits in a museum, 
* courses in a workshop, 
* congresses and many more.

There are two conditions which all these events must satify:
* their topic must be stone
* their venue must be in Apuo Versilia.

And: the organizers of the events themselves must send the information to It must be a text (including title plus subtitle) plus at least one photo.
The information will be published in the Italian version of and sent out in the newsletter in Italian languages.
Once there are many news, they can also be included in the English newsletter of

This service is free.
If you have information to share, contact Manuela Gussoni, IMM-CarraraFiere( or Peter Becker, (