Mitoraj Myth and Music

tue 16 JUNE 2015
Pietrasanta, 18 April | 30 August 2015
Piazza del Duomo, Piazza Matteotti, Sant'Agostino (St. Augustine’s)

The Mayor announced this on the day of the funeral in the Cathedral. A promise kept: the art of Igor Mitoraj in the old town of Pietrasanta where the master was an honorary citizen. "Mitoraj, Myth and Music" opened on 18 April, the exhibition that the artist was already working on before his sudden passing on 6 October last year in Paris, and that will be the main exhibition in the “little Athens” for this summer. The retrospective aims to celebrate Mitoraj, starting from his close ties with the town that welcomed him for about thirty years. An exhibition that will combine myths and lyrical music, both elements of artistic inspiration not only in Piazza Duomo but also in the St. Augustine centre and in Piazza Matteotti. Everything returns, therefore, to where the master began in Pietrasanta, where his workshop was and his friends and close workers. From 18 April to 30 August, the attention will focus on the town’s old centre for the event organised by the Council, lo Studio Argos and the Foundations of the Festival Puccini, La Versiliana and Linneo of Pistoia. Piazza Duomo will be hosting seven works in bronze and clay, including “Tindaro” from 1997, “Gambe Alate” from 2002, “Eros alato con mano” and “Ikaro blu” from 2013, in a garden of olive trees that will make the symbolism and suggestions of Mitoraj even more alive. Not only the works of Mitoraj, but to embellish the event, there will also be the collaboration with the Puccini Festival of Torre Del Lago that will bring the lyrical atmosphere to the cloister of St. Augustine. From 9 May, the Church will turn into a theatre with the sculptures set along the aisle. Every Friday for the duration of the exhibition, at 7.30 p.m., there will be a different concert, by the Puccini Festival. In the chapter room, visitors will find a treasure trove of costumes, sketches and paintings documenting the collaboration of Igor Mitoraj with the Puccini Festival, for which among other things he had designed the sets of Manon Lescaut. From 23 May, instead, the Putti room will collect sketches, sculptures and photographs of works created by the master and stored in public and private collections in the world. In Piazza Matteotti the gem of the whole exhibition: the bronze Dedalo of 2010 will stand out proud.