Marble and the five senses

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tue 16 JUNE 2015
At Carrara Marble Weeks, from 18 June, a group of young people, a designer and two entrepreneurs, will be proposing a new page in the age-old history of marble with the 5 Senses Marble Design Collection: sight, hearing, smell, touch taste experienced with glasses, pieces of jewellery, perfumes, instruments for music and cuisine and not only.  Carrara, 8 June 2015 Their aim is to continue writing new pages for marble with more prestigious uses and they have designed and made five items that demonstrate different ways to enhance the use of marble from the five senses: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell. They are three young people, a designer and two entrepreneurs, with different backgrounds: Francesco Mottini, architect and designer, Marco and Nicola Borghini, stone entrepreneurs, who have started Stonecycles, a brand working in architecture and design, presenting their Senses Collection, showing a new take.The collection will be presented at Carrara Marble Weeks in a superb location, Via Ulivi behind Piazza Alberica, and in the gallery in Via Roma. A new take on the five senses reinterpreting the approach to the five senses with new tools and ideas that start right from their origins, Carrara, demonstrating an awareness of the value of marble and how much waste is created. "Our goal is to create objects of great value by retrieving a valuable waste product and giving it a new life and an original function starting with a contemporary design and using the most innovative technologies – says the architect Mottini who has worked on the design of the collection – to create unique pieces of aesthetic impact, in line with the current design trends yet with an important functional value”.The objects made, which are the result of a careful and creative reinterpretation of the traditional ones, tell unique stories of design and extraordinary artisanship in their making as well as skill in choosing the most suitable marble. Here is what they imagined and made starting from the knowledge of the material and playing with the marble and the function of the object. To "see through the marble" a series of limited edition sunglasses called Lorano, Crestola e Fantiscritti, the names of three important basins where the precious Carrara marble is extracted. Marble and technology come together: a carbon core, resistant and light, and two thin marble sheets as a cover. In this way, the material, form and technology come together giving life to three unique models. The glasses are made by hand by skilled artisans based on the customer's specific requirements. The natural pattern of each slab of marble makes the pieces unique and custom-made.To "hear through the marble", a music station called Saturn. Two cups in Borghini Calacata match perfectly to form a ball. With one click, the upper cup rises by a few centimetres, and a beam of light protrudes emitting a colour texture. Saturn is still an instrument equipped with a high-fidelity sound system and can be further customised by a smartphone application to access various functions of digital reading of the music.The smell of marble. What is the smell of marble? We have a definite perception and therefore the Group has designed a line of jewellery in marble (necklace, bracelet and cuff links) that contain a dispenser capable of holding a perfume chosen by the wearer. Therefore, you can soak the dispenser with your chosen fragrance, giving the stone bracelet a unique fragrance and personal.The taste of marble. Taste is one of the most important senses associated with food that is essential and indispensable. Hence, three plates have been created for the main courses: a plate, a dish and a sweet dish, each consisting of one element in marble and another in glass. A mixture that combines the transparency of glass and the unique pattern of Apuan marble. To complete the set are three glasses, a goblet, a flute and a water glass, again in marble and glass with an asymmetric connection.The feel of marble is equally engaging because the material that is cold to the touch becomes "hot". So, we have sex toys in marble with many variations on the theme. They include a cat with nine tails for which, for the most demanding, metal parts are available in gold or silver.Lorenzo Marchini