Jewels made by.... Marmonia

tue 16 JUNE 2015
Tradition interpreted by a young designer 
ďMarmonža is a brand started in 2012 at a marble workshop in Carrara. The idea for the brand came from Chiara Imperiali, a 33-year-old from Carrara, whose family has owned a quarry of white marble in Colonnata (Carrara) for generations. Her grandfather, Cesare, has been a point of reference for many marble companies in the past and even today.She has always been fascinated by fashion and design and after some experience in the industry she decided to return to the ďfamilyĒ. While working for the family business, she has made herself a small space to give voice to her passion. Chiara makes "jewellery with marble", and so interprets the meaning of what the ancients called "white gold" in a new and unusual way. The jewels are all strictly hand-made and some are unique pieces.The ideas, design, making and assembling with various types of materials all happen in the Marmonža space. The inspiration comes from the most varied forms ... a photograph, a drawing, a leaf or a flower picked on the street, an abstract form ... or upon the specific request of the customer. The marble is then lived in a completely different way as it becomes shaped matter. A manual process skilfully controlled, and different every time.Centuries-old techniques are taken and reinterpreted daily. The hands are the only true creators of the Marmonža pieces. Small works of art that become more and more precious made with balanced forms, charm and sinuosity. A unique, unmistakable style, with a manic obsession for quality and details.