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tue 5 MAY 2015
Carrara2015The special editionof Marmotec
Carrara 2015 Marmotec Expo Edition, a special edition, due to take place from 18 to 21 June with its new format that focuses on business, culture, architects and marble is the main theme of this issue. 
The event is even more important considering its link to Carrara Marble Weeks, the exceptional happening that aims to revive the close relationship between the town and marble. But the scope we seek to present to our readers is wider: old and new frontiers of art and the use of marble together with many topics that highlight the vitality of the sector.
This issue of IMM Carrara News provides an updated picture of the sector with statistics that only Internazionale Marmi e Macchine is able to produce in terms of exports and how companies are dealing with the current economic situation. It also provides considerations and contributions that prove the absolute value of the sector that is, in its own right, an excellence of the Made in Italy brand.
The official "numbers", together with the results of research and considerations that we present in these pages,show the extraordinary importance of the stone sector for the present and the future. When read in the overall contextthat includes art, architecture, research and entrepreneurial expertise, they take on an extraordinary scope.
For those who browse through our pages, there is a lot more: from the IMMsongoing relationship with the world of stone, recording its development and reflecting on the entrepreneurial and commercial responses, to the activities of the Stone Lab, the IMM laboratory specialised in the testing of stone materials, an essential tool for companies dealing with high quality orders.
There is a world, the world of marble, that is constantly changing and which continues to amaze us with its prosperity, vitality and the extraordinary skills of its players. We have endeavoured, with this issue, to introduce other excellent features that deserve to be known.