Emiliana Martinelli e Martinelli Luce light up Carrara Marble Weeks.

tue 16 JUNE 2015
The long partnership in the name of creativity to find, through light, new incentives to build a positive future continues. 

Again for the 2015 edition of Carrara Marble Weeks, Emiliana Martinelli has offered her creative contribution, interpreting and representing the themes of the present using light and creating "Reconstruction", the light installation that will be placed on a platform four metres wide in Piazza Alberica to light up the evenings from 18 June to the end of August.
Reconstruction is made with the "Pistillo outdoor" lights with white LEDs and coloured RGBs to create a strong atmosphere in a square of great historical and symbolic value for Carrara. "The intention - says Emiliana Martinelli - is to represent, through light, a very topical issue given the historical moment of decadence, the difficult political period, the continuation of a recession in terms of the economy and ideas. It is a condition that we must all overcome with willpower, courage and commitment to rebuild. I wanted to bring a message of confidence because nothing is lost, everything is reborn, everything is rebuilt, everything goes on. It is important not to despair and start again because there is always a new day with its light. I dedicate the installation to my great friend Paul Armenise who would certainly have shared my thoughts. "
For Emiliana Martinellli, the streets and squares of Carrara are now well-known territory but always new with spaces and opportunities that stimulate her creativity as an artist, architect and designer. She accepts the challenge by creating new and unique pieces like the striking lighted Tunnel created in 2013 and light Wheel in 2014 (see photo). Her creativity also comes from a firm grasp of the materials. This allows her to achieve the effects that make her creations unique for the suggestions they arouse and the messages they generate.Architect and designer, Emiliana Martinelli is the owner of Martinelli Luce, the Lucca-based company founded in 1950, that works with the biggest names in architecture and design. Since the first edition of Carrara Marble Weeks, she has helped light up the installations placed in the streets of the town centre. The Martinelli Luce lights are true icons of design. They include Pipistrello, designed in 1965 by Gae Aulenti, Cobra in 1968 (designed by Elio Martinelli), Elica (designer Brian Sironi) and Circolar XXL (creation by Emiliana Martinelli herself), Pin by Michel Boucquillon and Minipipistrello, a new edition of the light by Gae Aulenti.Over the years, with this philosophy, the Martinelli Luce company has lit up the most beautiful exhibitions held at Carrara Marble Weeks such as those by Angelo Micheli and Donia Maaoui in the Chiesa delle Lacrime (Church of Tears). A work of extraordinary spectacular value was created in Piazza Alberica with the suspension of Pistillo lights as if they were giant candles and Trilly lights in Piazza D'Armi hung on the branches of the trees, without forgetting the “Paretra” space in via Beccheria  that will be lit up by Martinelli Luce once again this year.

Lorenzo Marchini