Carrara Marble Weeks, the show in town

Carrara Marble Weeks inaugurazione Piazza Alberica
wed 1 JULY 2015
Carrara Marble Weeks, the show in town Crowds in the streets for the opening of the fifth year with a long procession animated by the colours and scenography of the Nouvelle Lune. The big names in architecture at CarraraFiere for the conference “From the great unfinished works to the great beauty – Policies and strategies for the redevelopment of Italy.”

Carrara Marble Weeks opened for the town with a fascinating spectacle of light and colour led by the Nouvelle Lune group of artists who accompanied many people from the town, together with the authorities, to discover the fifth edition of an event that aims to enhance the close relationship of the town with marble, art, culture and design. "Tonight we officially open Carrara Marble Weeks that this year includes a series of events that will unfold throughout the entire summer. This year’s edition confirms Carrara’s ability –the IMM/CarraraFiere Chairman, Fabio Felici, said at the opening in Piazza d'Armi - to maintain its relationship with art in general and with marble thanks to the works placed in the squares and in the streets. It is an on-going dialogue with art thanks to a continuous renewal of the protagonists, a dialogue of which we should be proud and eager to rediscover as a value."The long visit conducted between light and sound through the old town, the first stop at Piazza Duomo, then Piazza Alberica to the exhibitions and installations housed in the Paretra space, confirmed the satisfaction expressed by the Councillor for Culture Giovanna Bernardini. Ms Bernardini repeated the words of one of the guests at the opening "a beautiful town, which is itself a spectacle, as fascinating for those who visit for the first time as for those that have known it for years, that will be the stage for many events up to the end of the summer with high level exhibitions.”Alberto Pincione, Chairman of the Carrara Savings Bank Foundation, stressed, "This is a quality event that puts Carrara at the centre of attention of those who love art and, more generally, culture in all its forms. Our Foundation, in addition to supporting an event that makes people appreciate the traditional link of the town with marble that is still alive, reiterates that investment in culture is what provides the most important impact for the present and for the future”.The long visit of those who attended the opening was preceded by the performances by the Nouvelle Lune, street artists who created a magical atmosphere around the buildings of the old town with a final show in Piazza Alberica among the works of Tomaino, the light installations by Emiliana Martinelli and the “Amateurs" by Michele Monfroni that were like spectators. A magical setting that confirms the effectiveness of the planning of Carrara Marble Weeks with its art, installations, sculptures, design as well as exhibitions, music, cultural events that animate the old town with its palaces, historic squares, places that are more or less well-known, during the day and the evening. The 2015 edition aims to celebrate marble as a noble material and the symbol of Carrara. One good reason to visit is to better understand a place where art was born from the interaction between the leading figures of the most original culture and the most challenging work to be found there. The summer evenings offer everyone, the general public and experts, a moment of reflection or an emotion. The goal is, in fact, to communicate an emotion leading to a personal vision of a work or an installation, to interpret it, look more in depth, or, more simply, to live a pleasant contemplative moment. To complete the wide range of events, there is also a rich calendar of shows to accompany visitors along the circuits dedicated to art, architecture and design. Carrara Marble Weeks will be more than ever an autonomous event with its own strong character, but it will also be the setting for a rich summer programme. Among the events that will attract art lovers and the curious until 18 June are Carrara design Factory, (Via Loris Giorgi) with “Marble unveiled…or wonder revealed”, a collection of design objects created using some of the most beautiful marble varieties.Benny Posca, in art known as Bypos, presents "Daedalus brain", a work included in the cycle "New brains" on the issue of freedom of thought, represented by the winged mind of Daedalus, a controversial and brilliant figure that has always inspired historians and artists as well as people in general.Among the best known participants, Giuliano Tomaino, the Ligurian artist who was appointed to decorate the avenue Decumano at the EXPO and Donia Maaoui, a sculptor of very special female figures in bronze and plaster, with works that will be exhibited on the ground floor of Paretra in Via Beccheria.Michel Boucquillon presents “Bague light table”, a single piece of white marble, designed and produced for outdoor use. Set on a wooden cone-shaped base, it becomes an enormous lamp at the top of Via Roma.Andrea Salvetti, sculptor and designer from Lucca who creates works using many different materials and technologies, will be showing a sculpture in stainless steel in Piazza d’Armi.Stonecycle (in Via Ulivi) is participating the first Capsule Collection called "5 Senses Marble Design Collection".

BOX THE OTHER EVENTS DURING THE SUMMER AT Carrara MARBLE WEEKS:- Canova and the masters of marble. The Carrara school at the Hermitage. A sculpture exhibition at Palazzo Cucchiari organised by the Giorgio Conti Foundation in conjunction with the Hermitage Museum in Saint Petersburg and Carrara Council (from 13 June to 4 October); - Painting between Tuscany and Liguria in the 17th Century  (from 3 to 31 July; 22 masterpieces on loan from Italian Banks and Bank Foundations) at Palazzo Binelli with works by Van Dijk, Bernardo Strozzi, Giovacchino Assereto, Grechetto, Pietro Paolini, Rutilio Manetti and  Bernardino Mei. Curated by Carrara Savings Bank Foundation;Carrara, Cárdenas and Negritude – the first major retrospective in the town with works on display in the streets, Galleria Duomo and the CAP (Centre of Plastic Arts) with sculptures in marble, wood, bronze, plaster and unseen drawings (from Saturday, 11 July until 13 September).
Lorenzo Marchini