Carrara Marble Weeks 2015: Art, sculpture, architecture, exhibitions, design, performances in Carrara

tue 16 JUNE 2015
Starting from 18th June, in Carrara’s old town, Marble Weeks will offer exhibitions and spectacular installations with sculptures, architecture, design which will be the leading figures of the urban space. It will be an open event providing exhibitions, which will take place over the summer months and promises to show a lively and interesting town that rediscovers and modernises its relationship with art and the culture of marble.  “Once again, with this new edition of Marble Weeks, Carrara emphasises its unique characteristic: the capacity to create an event around the centrality of marble with its infinite variations and its links with the territory. The event of Thursday 18th June has an entirely new feature, which demonstrates a regenerative ability to offer the town and those who want to visit it new ideas and new suggestions." This is how the mayor of Carrara, Angelo Zubbani, presented the fifth edition of Carrara Marble Weeks to the press.  The event has rightly been included among the top events of the summer by offering the opportunity to learn about Carrara and its culture, as well as its ability to match its long tradition and relationship with marble with new knowledge and new innovative visions of art and design.“This edition will be based on an “open " formula. It will have its own independent life but it will also be a large container and the setting for exhibitions and side events starting in the next few weeks and overlapping with other existing events. Carrara proves its ability to produce events centred on marble, the marble culture, history and skills, because this is a heritage that is found in the collective community as shown by the participation of young designers, sculptors and Ateliers, an excellence of our own, offering many different ways to interpret marble and make it alive and modern."Carrara Marble Weeks 2015 will open a dialogue with the town, setting up different themes that will feature various installations and exhibitions.The area of Art that includes Piazza d’Armi, Via Verdi , Piazza XXVII Aprile, the Chiesa delle Lacrime (Church of Tears) that will have as its centre Piazza Duomo;The area of Architecture that includes Piazza dell’Accademia, Piazza delle Erbe, Corso Rosselli with the central Piazza Alberica;The area of Innovation and Design with exhibitions and side events in Via Beccaria, Via Carriona, Ponte delle Lacrime (Bridge of Tears) and has as its centre of gravity in the Spazio Paretra.“We have confirmed our usual organisational commitment - says IMM/CarraraFiere Chairman, Fabio Felici - setting ourselves a goal. That is to stimulate a dialogue between the town and marble, this noble material that makes the town unique, because we believe that starting from this certainty, Carrara can strengthen a process that confirms its ability to represent the town of the skills related to marble. IMM and CarraraFiere can play an important role in accomplishing this goal, which is neither simple nor easy."Luca Figari, Director of CarraraFiere, explained the activities of the event, stressing that "we have worked to build an event suitable for everybody, an event that is enriched by the interactions with other activities. This week, the Architects’ Day, organised by the National Council of Architects, will be held in conjunction with Carrara Marble Weeks. It will be an occasion to speak about marble as well as policies and strategies for the redevelopment of the Italian territory aiming to address issues of high value at this critical phase of our history. The discussion of these issues will provide a stimulus for the area and will support the territory in order to achieve a common goal, that is to recover the centrality of the territory. A role we aimed at reaffirming also by organising, in collaboration with Assindustria, an incoming mission of 20 foreign architects from the United States, the United Kingdom and Sweden. During their stay in Carrara, they will be visiting local companies that have joined the project and on 19th June (at 9 pm,  at the Chamber of Commerce),  these "Archistars" will be speaking at a panel discussion including American and Italian architects to share their respective visions of the use of marble as well as architecture."Carrara Marble Weeks is sponsored by the Council of Carrara along with the Chamber of Commerce and the Carrara Savings Bank Foundation and is organised by IMM/CarraraFiere with the contribution of AMIA and ERP, all committed to a single goal: to communicate the culture of marble enhancing the Town’s common heritage, hosting new activities that deal with the past and present times.
“It is a quality event that makes Carrara the focus of those who love art and especially culture in all its manifestations. The Carrara Savings Bank Foundation - said President Alberto Pincione - wanted to support the event also by organising a major exhibition: Painting in Tuscany and Liguria in the seventeenth century, held at Palazzo Binelli, with 22 masterpieces provided by institutes and Italian banking foundations. Because we believe, not just for our institutional role, that investing in culture is a choice that always ensures significant results."The project of Carrara Marble Weeks includes not only art, installations, sculptures and design, but also exhibitions, music and cultural events. It includes a programme that will involve guests and residents who will actively experience the town with its sumptuous buildings and historic squares, familiar spaces and less popular areas at all hours of the day. "The philosophy behind Marble Weeks is to offer the opportunity to experience an emotion, to" feel " the beauty of ancient and modern architecture and art, through sculpture, painting and the contemplation of works of the past as well as wonderful new art installations and the sculpture workshops ….Our aim is to open up  this world not only to experts in architecture and design, who in some way are already interpreters and users, but also to the general public- said Silvia Nerbi, artistic director, describing the event in detail - focusing on  beauty that is a universal language that we want to make clear to visitors, valuing in this process of perception and communication , our territory and its history" .A calendar of events for Carrara Marble Weeks has been designed to accompany the visitor along the route dedicated to art, architecture and design.From 18th June on  (opening at 9.30 p.m.), Carrara Marble Weeks will be staging events to attract art lovers and those that are just curious. These include Carrara Design Factory (Via Loris Giorgi) with "Marble unveiled ... or wonder revealed", a collection of design objects created using some of the most beautiful marble varieties.Luciano Massari, sculptor and cultural organiser, will be curating two exhibitions: "Flood" by Nunzio (set up in the Church of Tears) and "Crystal Time" by Marco Milia (hosted in the Main Hall of the former boarding school Vittorino da Feltre, Via Verdi).Benny Posca, the conceptual artist known as Bypos, presents "Daedalus brain", a work included in the cycle "New brains" on the issue of freedom of thought, represented by the winged mind of Daedalus, a controversial and brilliant figure that has always inspired historians and artists alike.Among the best known participants, Giuliano Tomaino, the Ligurian artist who was appointed to decorate the avenue Decumano at the EXPO and Donia Maaoui, a sculptor of very special female figures in bronze and plaster, with works that will be exhibited on the ground floor of Paretra in Via Beccheria.The world-renowned architect, Michel Boucquillon, will be in Carrara too. He will be showing his project “Bague light table”, a single piece of white marble, designed and produced for outdoor use. Boucquillon created the “bague " table set as a large lamp on a wooden cone-shaped base of over three metres. The sculpture will be placed in Piazza Gramsci on the side of Via Roma.Andrea Salvetti Lucchese, sculptor and designer who creates works using many different materials and technologies, will be showing Macrocip in Piazza d'Armi, a sculpture in stainless steel, and Met Devoti "Digitally - Days The Movie”. Stonecycle, the brand created by a designer and two entrepreneurs (in Via Ulivi) will be participating with the "5 Senses Marble Design Collection" to discover , through marble, the 5 human senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch.During the summer months, Carrara will also be hosting:- Canova and the masters of marble. The school of Carrara at the Hermitage. A sculpture exhibition at Palazzo Cucchiari organised by the Giorgio Conti Foundation in collaboration with the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg and the town of Carrara (from 13th June to 4th October );- Painting in Tuscany and Liguria in the seventeenth century (3rd to 31st July) at Palazzo Binelli: 22 Masterpieces provided by institutes and Italian banking foundations with works by, among others, Van Dijk, Bernardo Strozzi, Joachim Assereto, Grechetto, Pietro Paolini, Rutilio Manetti and Bernardino Mei. Organised by the Carrara Savings Bank Foundation;- Carrara, Cárdenas and Negritude (from 10th July to 13th September) with works located in the Galleria Duomo and the CAP (Centre for Plastic Arts). A major retrospective to pay tribute to Agustin Cárdenas: sculptures in marble, wood, bronze, plaster and unpublished drawings.- 1st  to 31st  July: the National Forum of contemporary sculpture in collaboration with the Nicoli sculpture workshop, Unesco Club "Carrara dei Marmi", Nicoli sculpture workshop - Piazza XXVII Aprile;Michelangelo Pistoletto “Rebirth Stone” Nicoli sculpture workshop - Piazza XXVII Aprile;-From 3rd to 5th July: Living Marble, events and conferences related to issues of design - Pietro Tacca school of marble; curated by Decio G. R. Carugati; from 6 pm to 12 pm.
Carrara Marble Weeks is sponsored by Carrara Council with the Chamber of Commerce and the Carrara Savings Bank Foundation and is organised by IMM/CarraraFiere with the contribution of AMIA and ERP.Again, this year, some of the best-known production companies in furniture and design will be part of the project: Martinelli Luce, Poltrona Frau and Vitra.Opening 18th June  at 9.30 p.m. at the Music stand in Piazza d’Armi.

Lorenzo Marchini