Carrara Architects’ party 2015: From the great unfinished works to the great beauty

tue 16 JUNE 2015
Policies and strategies for the redevelopment of the Italian territory to be the focus of the final conference of the three days of the third Architects’ Festival. The official programme. A topic that, despite the necessary synthesis, represents a significant moment in our country. An extremely delicate phase that can generate a new rebirth for the whole of Italy, but that will not tolerate any more errors or delays. The architects’ party – that the National Council of Architects is organising for the third time - is never an occasion for celebration in the literal sense. It is rather a moment for the community of architects to meet and discuss the profession. The event gives them the opportunity to look at specific aspects and more in general on the greater social and ethical issues.This year, the event is to be held in Carrara from 18 to 20 June at CarraraFiere, with the essential support of the provincial Associations of Massa Carrara, Pisa, Florence, La Spezia and the regional Federations of Tuscany and Liguria.The event will take place over three days dedicated to professional training events on a very broad range of topics as well as meetings with the prominent figures from the world of architecture and institutions to discuss the redevelopment of Italy as a territory and the role of architecture. Architects are aware of their role, which indeed they ask to play with a greater possibility of having an effect on reality. They are a professional and cultural resource that can give a great deal to the process of renewing the country. “The mission of Italian architects - says Leopoldo Freyrie, president of the National Council of Architects presenting the event - is to help transform the territory and our cities into a mine of culture, training and beauty. We are ready - and over recent years we have given proof thereof - to solve the problems of the condition of Italy’s building heritage, first of all school buildings, to innovate the models and techniques of living and to promote ecological and economic sustainability”. As is customary, the Architects’ party will feature moments that stand out for the importance of the topics discussed. Two conferences are planned, both on 19 June. At 2 p.m. there will be "Contemporary Landscapes", a topic dealt with by Alessandro Cambi, from Scape, the design group proclaimed best young talent in 2014. At 6 p.m. on stage there will be Stefano Boeri on the theme of “Architectural flops”. On the same day, at 4 p.m., the 2015 edition of the two awards organised every year by Cnappc will unfold - Architect of the Year and Young Talent of Italian Architecture.  On the third day, 20 June at 10 a.m., the conference featuring: Leopoldo Freyrie, Bernadette Veca, Simone Cola, Marco Navarra, Stefano Boeri, Alessandro Cambi, Lorenzo Bellicini, Arturo Giusti and Elvio Cecchini will take place. The Architects’ party is one of a series of events that characterise the architectural and cultural debate in Carrara. Pietra & Progetto is the event-container – promoted by the Provincial Associations of Massa Carrara, Pisa, Firenze, La Spezia and the regional Federations of Tuscany and Liguria – that organise, in collaboration with other institutions, a series of events in various areas of the town focusing on the local material par excellence, that is marble. The exhibition “Stone Academy” will be opened, organised by an association of university professors showing works by students, alongside “Centro Carrara Marble Week” where design and artistic installations in marble will be shown in various areas of the old town, both in the open air and in the historical buildings.