Art workshops and sculptors at the Carrara Marble Weeks

thu 11 JUNE 2015
The eight workshops and sculptors represent the elite set of a centuries-old tradition. From 18th June, their works of art will reveal the beauty of marble turning the old town centre into an exhibition without boundaries.

Carrara, 11th June 2015 

Sculpture workshops have always been a prominent feature in the history of Carrara and its relationship with marble, especially in terms of its art and craft aspects. Once again, these workshops will feature at the fifth edition of Carrara Marble Show with sculptures, large-scale works, objects and pieces of marble design created individually or thanks to successful working relationships among famous artists.For some, considering the characteristics of the pieces, spaces are already been prepared while for others that still need that final touch, the sculptor’s last stroke, it will be, as usual, a race against time.Some are world famous sculptors, others are internationally known "houses" and they are the pride of Carrara Marble Weeks 2015 showing how sculpture and design play a fundamental role in the town.Here are the names of those who will be taking part in Carrara Marble Weeks 2015: ARCO ARTE (Boutros Romhein), AMA (Artistic Marmi Apuani Andrei), Paolo Costa & C, Carusi Sculptures, SGF (Torano), Monfroni Michele, Poletti & Ghio and Itto Kuetani. All information can be found on the official website The workshops are an essential element of Carrara Marble Weeks, they are in tune with a design philosophy that, as Silvia Nerbi, the artistic director of the event,  pointed out:  "expresses the desire to offer to those who visit Carrara the opportunity to experience an emotion," feel "the beauty of ancient and modern architecture and art, through sculpture, and painting, through the contemplation of the works of the past, as well as the wonderful new art installations and the sculpture workshops ... We want to open up this world not only to experts in architecture and design, who in some ways are already interpreters and users, but also to the general public. Beauty is a universal language, and we want to make it stand out in the eyes of the visitor, in order to continue to enhance our territory, its history and all the implications deriving from the fact that our history is carved in marble. "Each workshop will bring its individual message, style, company tradition or different expressive contribution, all together, they will provide a complete and high quality picture of a sector that has a glorious past but also enjoys a present of absolute prestige.Boutros Rohan is a Syrian sculptor who has been living in Carrara for decades. In his workshop, he creates works in olive wood and stone but he also holds courses and seminars for art enthusiasts.Artistici Marmi Apuani (Apuan Artistic Marbles) is a brand that boasts a tradition of more than fifty years. The workplace for sculptors of international fame. It focuses mainly on the quality of the works that are exclusively made according to traditional techniques.Paolo Costa is a workshop that preserves traditions that have been handed down for generations trying to improve the working stages using old and almost lost techniques.  Its partners are architects and designers from around the world who appreciate its expertise in the creation of architectural pieces of great artistic value.Carusi Sculture is a workshop specialising in the creation of sculptures and pieces for architecture and design in marble and other materials, focusing primarily on traditional artistic work.SGF, (the acronym of three sculptors: Santini, Grassi and Fruendi) is based in Torano that has always been home to great artists and masters. It works with an informal community of artists, sculptors and artisans who have always contributed to its great capacity to make the ideas and projects of artists, sculptors, engineers and designers.Michele Monfroni’s workshop represents the continuation of a family tradition that began with Luciano and that continues creating works of modern art. It is also a reference point for the many contemporary artists who work directly in the workshop, ranging from figurative, religious and bas-relief art.Poletti and Ghio is a workshop of great tradition whose owners are also sculptors. It specialises in creating unique pieces for interior design too.Itto Kuetani is a Japanese sculptor well known at all latitudes, a "priest" and poet of large-scale marble works that inspire confidence even when located in urban areas.  Carrara will be the perfect frame to the charm of his works.The gallery can be seen at: 

Lorenzo Marchini  

Workshops and Sculptors  – works & locations
AMA Artisti Marmi Apuani “San Paolo”Piazza delle Erbe
F.lli Poletti e Ghio “San Francesco”Piazza delle Erbe 
Michele Monfroni Fondo Piazza Alberica
Michele Monfroni  “Amateus-Amanti”Piazza C. Battisti 
F.lli Poletti e Ghio Fondo ISR - Corso Rosselli
SGF “Cadillac”Piazza dell’Accademia
Carusi “Mosè”Via Ghibellina
F.lli Costa “Colonne”Piazza Duomo
Itto Kuetani “Porta della serenità (Atarassia)”Piazza Alberica
Boutros Romhein  “Eco”, “La Memoria”, “Incanto”,  “il Viaggiatore”, “La Nave”Via Roma
Michele Monfroni “Woman”Piazza Farini