1st International Sustainable Stone Conference

mon 14 DECEMBER 2015
1st International Sustainable Stone Conference
Carrara, 20 May 2016

In the framework  of the next edition of Carrara Marmotec, International Fair of Marble, Technologies and Design (18-21 May 2016), a new event on the topic of sustainability in the field of natural stone will see the light.This is the 1st International Sustainable Stone Conference, to be held May 20, 2016, in Carrara. The event aims to promote the creation of a meeting platform where the sector of innovation and businesses can discuss and exchange viewpoints on the issue of sustainable approach in the stone industry.The discussion will deal with the field of application and the demonstration of sustainable solutions and productions in the field of raw materials in the construction industry in order to encourage improvements in the supply chain and to reduce environmental, economic and social impact.The debate, extended on an international scale, assumes a crucial importance for the decision process: the debate on the role of sustainability in support of policies and practices related to production chains, in fact, can be a very useful tool for development and preservation if adopted by the production system, by governments and by international organizations to guide decisions and future policies.In this perspective, the conference aims at stimulating an international debate on methodologies and tools concerning the analysis of the impact of eco-innovation and strategies in current and future scenarios. The objective is to reduce such impact by developing work on the following three topics:

• Environmental sustainability: recovery and recycling of waste and sludge resulting from processing systems, saving resources and energy systems, environmental impact assessment systems (Life Cycle Assessment), management systems and environmental labels.• Social sustainability: international best practices for the assessment of social impact in the stone industry, methods for the measurement of shared value, innovative approaches in the field of safety and training• Economic sustainability: certification and trade marks, business networks, innovation, creation of local added value, start-up, Industrial tourism.

Abstracts should be written in English according to the format available at  the link "ABSTRACT TEMPLATE".Abstracts should describe in a clear, concise but exhaustive way the reference context, the objectives, the activities carried out and the main results obtained. The subject area that best describes the content of the contribution should also be specified, by selecting the appropriate field of the online  form for the abstract submission. Any communication, including the notification of acceptance of the abstract, will be sent to the e-mail address of the Corresponding Author, who is in charge of keeping informed any co-Authors.The deadline for the submission of the abstracts is 31 January 2016.The notification of acceptance of the abstract for the presentation will be communicated by e-mail to the Corresponding Author by 20 February 2016.Past the acceptance of the abstract, the authors will be given instructions on how to  edit the paper and structure the oral presentation.Contributions will be published in the volume of acts (with ISBN) of the 1st International Sustainable Stone Conference.

Dates to remember:
7 December 2015: starting abstract submission  
31 January 2016: deadline for abstract submission 
20 February 2016: notification of acceptance of the abstracts
31 March 2016: deadline for submission of full papers
20 May 2016: Sustainable Stone Conference 

Internazionale Marmi e Macchine Carrara SpA
V.le G. Galilei, 13354033  Marina di Carrara (MS) - Italy
Manuela Gussoni 
E-mail m.gussoni@immcarrara.it 

Event organized by IMM in cooperation with the University of Siena - Centro di Geotecnologie CGT