The IMM works in the heart of the international stone industry. We differ from other players on the international scene in that we have brought together analysis, promotions and specialised services experts in the industry to make an efficient team.
We have two main strengths that allow us to be present where the culture of natural stone is forged. Firstly, our location in the Apuo-Versilian district, the oldest and most famous industrial stone district in the world, recognised as the hotbed of historical technical and product innovations. Secondly, the network of contacts that we have formed with professionals, companies and institutions from all countries in over thirty years of experience.

The work of our staff is carried out on several fronts:


The study of markets, industry dynamics and production trends, which involves both the definition of a complete and updated picture of the international stone industry and the identification of new technological, professional and product niches;


Promotion aimed primarily at designers and architects who are the decision makers on the end use of stone products and have the merit of contributing to furthering the best use of natural stone.

• Specialised Services

Services that include technical and design consultancy, support with legislation - especially for adaptation to European standards (CE marking), training, the conservation and cataloguing of material samples and the collection and management of bibliographic resources on the stone industry.


Innovation and technology transfer, made possible by the building of a lasting and fruitful dialogue between the world of research and business.

 • Laboratory

A laboratory that is to be built in the near future will carry out the characterisation of stone materials according to the main international technical standards (EN and ASTM) and the testing of newly developed products.


Training courses and seminars for architects and operators in the industry concerning issues relating to all areas of the world of natural stone, the markets, technological innovations and adaptation to legislation, including the issue of sustainability.


As the Managing body of the POLO PIETRE TOSCANE - the TUSCAN STONE CENTRE, the IMM, together with the other partners, coordinates the activities of the network between companies, service centres and research institutions specific to the stone industry.